The MinD-Skill Survey

Performance Enhancement

and ethical decision-making

Why take the MinD-Skill Survey?

  • The MinD-Skill Survey is a method of understanding your character strengths
  • The results allow you to build on your strengths and apply them in many areas of your life
  • The MinD-Skill Survey takes less than ten minutes
  • Performance Enhancement comes from building on your strengths to cultivate the skills you need


  • Answer each question.
  • There are 6 steps of 4 questions each.
  • Press Save and continue at the bottom of each Step to continue.
  • Ask a friend to complete the survey as if they are answering for you. Compare their answers with your own for a different perspective of yourself by someone who knows you.
  • Complete all 6 steps. Your results are calculated to reveal your character strengths and where you may improve.