MinD-Skill and High-6 initiatives consist of tools for improving inter-personal relationships at home, school and in workplace environments.

Training is based on positive psychology. It includes performance psychology, nutritional analysis and advice, physical agility and awareness, cognitive training for performance enhancement, self-guided hypnotherapy, biofeedback, meditation training and stress management. 

Education programs can be individually tailored to meet the needs of schools, workplaces, the home environment or individual circumstances. They can be delivered in groups, through personal mentoring or be self-guided.

MinD-Skill’s Performance Enhancement programs work best on all three levels: Brain + Body + Bioenergetics.

Build skills. Improve culture.

Psychological research cites 24 essential character strengths for a fulfilling life. MinD-Skill identifies your personal strengths with its unique Survey. MinD-Skill then provides a method for improving your abilities by strategically applying these strengths. Tailored programs are designed to remove psychological obstacles and create mindsets conducive to ethical decision-making, personal growth and development. Advanced mind training techniques, gentle physical exercises and bioenergetics complete our holistic approach. MinD-Skill improves:

  • personal and professional relationships
  • ethical solution-focussed thinking processes
  • improved communication skills
  • efficient productivity
  • staff retention
  • customer satisfaction
  • brand loyalty and reputation
  • life meaning and purpose
  • resilience and flow
  • agility and flexibility in response
  • potential and passion
  • attention to detail
  • stress and anxiety control
  • anger management

MinD-Skill programs deliver tangible and measurable results.

Enhance Performance


Brain Work


Undertaking the confidential MinDSkill Survey identifies your personal strengths. Learning the MinD-Skill method manually, or via the App, guides you in ethical decision making: your own  24/7 advisor. Unique Brain-Work exercises lift performance, improve relationships and reduce stress. The I.A.M. program facilitates achieving one’s vision and goals. Peak performance is attainable via directed self-awareness exercises. MinD-Skill yields benefits to enjoy and share for a lifetime. All material is unique to MinD-Skill and copyright-protected

Body Work


The Body-Work section of the MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement program teaches gentle task-specific exercises and stretches designed to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and optimise the performance of physical tasks. Simple-to-follow instructions respect people’s differing, individual levels of fitness. Body awareness of movement and posture improves health outcomes including self-perception and self-esteem. Less fatigue encourages better productivity. Peak performance requires agility and flexibility; qualities that apply to both mind and body.



Nutrition affects mood, behaviour and brain function via our individual micro-biome, consisting of trillions of microbes sending signals to our brains. Bioenergetics explains the way energy is transformed in our bodies from the food we eat and its effect on our mind, mood and mental well-being. The Bioenergetics section in MinD-Skill programs teaches how our food choices can be used to enhance brain function and positively improve mindset. Peak performance is facilitated when the power of nutrition is properly understood and diligently applied.

High-6 Character Compass

Relationships are involved in every interaction – with others, with our environment and with ourselves. The High-6 Character Compass has been developed by MinD-Skill based on the 6 pillars of positive psychology. By focussing on positive attributes – and being regularly reminded to mentally and emotionally engage with them – relationships on all levels incrementally improve. High-6 Character Compass clocks have been designed to ‘do the reminding’. They are available in 3 sizes and come with instructions and a poster including helpful definitions of each character strength.
In the school environment, at work and at home, learning and applying relationship skills is fundamental to harmony and eudaemonia (human flourishing). 
Only 14% of the Australian workforce consistently approaches ‘peak performance’ by being ‘actively engaged’. School environments may fare no better. Home life can be challenging for parents and children.
MinD-Skill Performance Enhancement initiatives, including High-6, are designed to improve every facet of relationships. They address workplace  ‘engagement’ problems with a holistic approach focussing on 3 core areas:


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Meet The Team

Voight Holgar

Voight Holgar


Dr Sue Jackson

Dr Sue Jackson

Psychologist & Flow Expert

Toni Chambers

Toni Chambers

Bio-energetics & Nutrition

The MinD-Skill KEYS



The MinD-Skill method is easy to learn for people of all ages from 7 to 107. The benefits of constructive thinking are acquired by applying MinD-Skill regularly to hard-wire one’s positive attributes. The method is effective as an interactive aid to guide daily decision-making, harnessing our innate ethical bias. MinD-Skill is positive psychology at work in a tangible way. Engaging in supportive groups and utilising our individually-tailored services ensures easier adherence. The MinD-Skill App is available on the Apple Store and Google Play in both a free and advanced version.


MinD-Skill education involves instruction from professional trainers, each a specialist in their field. Individual mentoring or tuition may be available if required. Individual tuition can be useful for the Integrated Advanced Modelling Technique, the principles of which are based on techniques developed initially in Russia and subsequently in the United States with outstanding results. The aims of the programs are to improve vital life skills through developing deep personal insights into the inter-related workings of the mind and body, including the important role of nutrition.



There are two MinD-Skill eBook options, both downloadable from this website. The free e-book outlines the historical foundations of MinD-Skill, traced over 2,600 years, through to the recent work of US psychologists, Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, the founders of Positive Psychology. The second e-book additionally provides a detailed description of the MinD-Skill technique and its direct application to daily life. MinD-Skill is based on the principles of Positive Psychology. It is entirely secular yet universally applicable and suitable for all ages.


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Training of short or long duration, as well as individual tuition and/or mentoring, are available. Full-scale, holistic programs may run for 12 months or longer, offering the best adherence rates and measurable results. Pricing is based on the training, guidance or modules you choose from the Brain + Body + Bioenergetics sections, therefore costs vary accordingly. High-6 can be a one-off purchase based on the cost of a Character Compass clock which comes with a poster and accompanying instructions.

High-6 clocks come in 3 sizes and are available for purchase in our online shop. Additional training in their use, beyond the instructions provided, is available upon request. At MinD-Skill, we recognise that every situation is unique, just as every individual is unique. We start by understanding the needs and challenges being faced. By addressing your aims and objectives in a measurable way, tailored mentoring and/or self-paced guidance can be provided. To enquire, please fill in and submit our ‘Contact Us’ form.